Smart Sessions

Session information branded to your event and readily available to prevent overbooking and optimize event flow

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How It Works

Easily verify attendance for CEUs or certifications, determine popular sessions for better future planning, and give attendees the ability to freely select and edit the workshops or classes they want to attend. Boomset's session registration and management platform provides an efficient and cost-effective way to view full attendee schedules on badges and track attendee data.

Session Registration

An intuitive session selection and scheduling feature that gives attendees the power to register and make changes at any time -- without organizers having to worry about overlapping schedules. Set session tracks and categorization tags for attendees to easily search and choose the sessions they want to attend. For easy use of an integrated registration platform with the Boomset session management options, speak with a representative.

Verify CEU Certification with Session Attendance

No need to wait weeks to receive certification credits! Send certificates through Boomset to acknowledge attendee-earned hours for CEUs (Continuing Education Units) across various industries: CME (Continuing Medical Education), CPE (Continuing Professional Education), CLE (Continuing Legal Education) ...and more!

Session Management

With multi-day events or hundreds of sessions, keep track of your event performance and attendee behavior. Monitor available seats in every open session, track attendee movement by scanning badge QR codes, or manage access levels for registration types in an instant with intuitive RFID photo recognition for more secure events.

Kiosk and On-Site Scheduling

Attendees want to get the most value from their event experience at the sessions and workshops you work months on to put together. Complement Boomset's Kiosk Mode and multi-session management features by allowing attendees to view and select the sessions most relevant to them and edit their schedules in real time.

A fully personalized itinerary for each attendee can be printed on demand at a custom-branded kiosk, boosting your marketing efforts and attendee engagement.

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