Lead Retrieval

Allow exhibitors to digitally collect contact information and generate leads at your event all in the palm of their hands

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How It Works

This extension of the Boomset Guest List app puts your exhibitors in control, giving maximum value with minimum effort via quick scanning of compatible QR codes or RFID chips. Spare your sponsors and exhibitors from losing valuable event time with access to their potential business right on their personal devices. Take notes, view answers to custom questions, and prioritize leads for an easy post-event follow up.

Real-Time Reporting

Piles of business cards are a tedious way to measure your traffic and potential leads. Give users all their information in one place via organized reports downloaded directly from the Lead Retrieval app. Event organizers can also view, download, and send reports to themselves and end users.

RFID Lead Capture

Generating sales leads ranks as the most important objective for exhibitors. Get lead information without having to staff the booth! Automated product poll kiosks paired with Boomset’s Lead Retrieval captures interested leads in the tap of a badge or wristband. Scanning options are fully customizable, so you never miss out on valuable business connections or left wondering who took printed materials.

Informational PDF

Event organizers can cover the cost of lead retrieval licenses or choose to have exhibitors buy directly from the app. Download a brief informational on how to use the Boomset Lead Retrieval app below.

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