Increase your event security with RFID Photo Verification


Search or scan to check in your attendee with the Boomset Guest List app

Search by name in Boomset's kiosk mode or scan different types of QR codes via handheld scanner for fast check-in. 

Enable security mode to prompt photo capture at entry

Require a selfie photo from every staff member or attendee in Boomset's platform. Use the device's camera to collect their photos at check-in. View and verify each attendee's photo to grant access to a specific location later on.

Simply tap to pair information

A tapping motion pairs the wearable with information that you collect from staff or attendees as they check in. It's that easy to activate an RFID-enabled wristband or badge at check-in and print instantly!

Scan the badge or wristband to activate access control and  picture validation

Establish access control points on the event floor to track attendee movement. Each attendee's photo will automatically appear as they tap their RFID wristband to an RFID reader or scan the QR code on their badge. Your staff can verify each person's identity simply by checking the selfie photo on the screen.