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Upload or import data via popular registration platforms to Boomset and gather your event statistics in real time. Collect on-site registrations, check in guests, scan QR codes, print badges on demand, and incorporate RFID technology.

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Guest List Features

Save time planning and easily customize the guest check-in experience.

On-Site Check-In
Walk-In Registration
Check-In Notifications
Email Confirmations
QR Code Scanning
Comment Notifications

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Easy self-check-in kiosk stations encourage attendees to view open/available workshop sessions on Boomset Smart Screens and edit/reprint their schedule right then and there!

See how Boomset can streamline your on-site experiences to maximize each and every unique event's potential.

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With one software system and their partners, we were able to communicate and work more efficiently, making 2017’s Redken Symposium even better. We’re absolutely thrilled with Boomset!
Matthew Fox, Meeting Management Services
Overall, our organization would highly recommend using Boomset. They are also always keeping up with the trends in the meeting industry to better improve their software and keep your organization on the cutting edge with on-site registration technology.
Kelley Keeling

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